Yana Milinevsky- Certified Jerusalem tour guide

My name is Yana. I grew up in Jerusalem in a Russian family and have lived here nearly all my life. From a very young age I found myself intrigued and charmed by the historic, religious and cultural diversity that makes my city so unique, influencing so many people all over the world.

After studying Middle Eastern history at the Open University, I decided to become a tour guide in order to inform, share my knowledge and realizations with others.


I create original tours which go off the beaten track and expose the real face of Jerusalem. As a local Jerusalem Tour guide, I’m totally “home-grown”. I offer an opportunity to familiarize with Jerusalem’s hidden corners. I am mostly interested in the urban arena, which is often far away from the touristic spotlight.


The tours correspond with my personal agenda of giving back to and shining a light on my city and its local initiatives and communities.

I believe that anyone can make a difference to improve their reality. I am excited to be promoting solidarity and co-existence in this magical and beautiful city which has grown tired of conflict and violence.


As a person that lives and breathes this city I open a hatch to a reality not many can truly see.

After leading many tours, studies and roaming the streets by myself, talking to locals, collecting and reading endless amounts of texts I am happy to invite any and all English speakers interested in learning more on the subject.

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