Meet the Locals of Nachlaot Neighborhood

//Meet the Locals of Nachlaot Neighborhood
  • Sharon and Shalem at the Jerusalem Pirates Gallery
  • An alley in Nachlaot, Jerusalem
  • Nachlaot Jerusalem
  • Nachlaot Community Centre, Jerusalem
  • Nachlaot people, Jerusalem

Meet the Locals of Nachlaot Neighborhood

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Known for its picturesque atmosphere and varied communities, and spiced with a vibrant scent of activism, art and cultural renaissance, Nachlaot is the general name which was granted to a group of 30 historical micro-neighborhoods which were built  from  the late 1800’s As part of the departure from the walls process and the expansion  of Jerusalem.  Among it’s labyrinth-like alleys is a living museum which tells a story of creation: The formation of the urban space of modern Jerusalem.

The local community of nachlaot,  is highly diverse, making the place vibrant and alive. On one hand, the older communitys which settled here, originating in  diferent countries and cultures Like Yemen, Morocco, Iraq, Turkey, Greece  and more.   On the other hand, the younger  communitys  of students,  young families,  foreigners,   artists and activist groups. And if that’s not enough, Nahlaot is also home to some  Ultra Orthodox  religious communities. All living together in Nachlaot, making it a popular destination for local tourism.

Tour Nachlaot to Discover:

  • A fascinating piece of Jerusalem’s history
  • how  a very colorful mixture of  humens coexist together
  • Different synagogues and community centers
  • Art Galleries and Street artwork
  • A mix-match of old and new building combined together in an architectural mesh
  • Cool  and interesting people
  • And much much more…

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Artist Hub at Betzalel Street

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Mahane Yehuda Market