Heavenly Jerusalem Tour

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Heavenly Jerusalem Tour

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Tour Details

The Old City is like an exciting maze built over thousands of years. Generations after generations added layer upon layer of history resulting in a magnificent mixture of time and space, from various periods in history, changing realities and parallel worlds. It has countless alleys, passages, stairs and levels. Each turn leads to another era, revealing a mosaic of frequently hidden secrets or unexpected experiences.

During the Heavenly Jerusalem Tour we get a chance to see Jerusalem form a different perspective – not only from the street level, but also from above, a bird’s eye view from the rooftops of the city. By viewing Jerusalem “from above” the maze becomes even more enchanting and revealing.

During the tour we will visit: The Austrian Hospice, roofs of the Muslim Quarter near the “Small Wailing Wall”, Nahalat Yitzhak Synagogue at the Western Wall, a secret passage to more observation points, a rooftop promenade of the Jewish Quarter, Aish HaTorah and The Tower of David.

Additional Information

Starting Point

Damascus Gate

End Point

Jaffa Gate