Gardens and Luxurious Buildings Tour

//Gardens and Luxurious Buildings Tour
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Gardens and Luxurious Buildings Tour

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Jerusalem is well known for its pearls of architecture. From luxurious buildings to private and public gardens and beautiful parks. The architectural history of Jerusalem is both surprising and fascinating. Side by side, real estate jewels from different periods shine through, some of them thousands of years old, some hundreds next to architectural jewels from the last decade together with those under construction right now to be completed in the coming years.

Exclusive buildings and gardens always go hand in hand: in the past nobles and aristocrats used to enrich their living space with landscaped private gardens.
Parks, however, are a modern idea. These pieces of well landscaped nature in an urban setting provide Jerusalemites with a joyful interaction with vegetation, a place to enjoy with their pets, while affecting the city ecosystem and its climate.

During the tour we will visit: The first public park in Jerusalem, natural spaces in the urban setting and a community garden. Public gardens are lovely and are supposed to be open to the public – but since they are frequently hidden behind or between luxurious buildings, they can be difficult to discover. Sometimes even locals have no idea these beautiful spaces even exist. We’ll talk about city planning and urban renewal including various aspects of conservation and modern real-estate development.

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Starting Point

Safra Square

End Point

Bloomfield Park