Jerusalem Season of Culture, Festival Mekudeshet (Mekudeshet = sacred) is taking place from August 23 to September 15. During the three weeks various events are taking place all over Jerusalem. From music to performance art, poetry, and installations. During the Festival Jerusalem comes alive with colors, young artists performing in the streets and more…

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About Festival Mekudeshet

Jerusalem is our holy of holies: both our inspiration and our artwork, both the chief protagonist and the set. It is the dream and the reality. Its beauty mesmerizes us but its ugliness doesn’t escape us for a moment. For us, Jerusalem is a state of consciousness. We are constantly trying to touch its inner soul and holiness, to grapple with its challenges and needs, and to heal its deep, gaping wound.

All of our artistic creations derive from Jerusalem. They draw their inspiration from it, respond to it, embrace its essence, glow in its light, or expose its darker sides. All of our creativity, in the realm of art and culture and in any others, derives from our desire and obligation to create art that emerges from reality and influences it in return.

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