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Best 6 Jerusalem hostels that give great value at a good price

One of the first things to do when planning your trip to Jerusalem is to find an accommodation option that suits your needs. Up until recently, this was real pain in the neck: Most of the options available followed a single pattern that seemed to do the trick for them: fancy suits with a swimming pool, a mini bar, cable TV and servants running around treating you like no less than royalty. Sounds nice, but do you really need all this luxury if you’re gonna be moving about all day? Wouldn’t it be better to spend your money on a real experience, and get to know the real Jerusalem? Hell yeah! […]

5 Jerusalem Museums That will Blow Your Mind

Jerusalem is a versatile city, and as such, it is home for many cultural and historical treasures just waiting to be revealed. Normally we’d be roaming the streets, but as summer approaches, visiting a museum on a hot afternoon is a great opportunity to learn new things while staying cool.  So without further due, here are our top recommendations for Jerusalem museums in 2016. […]

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