If I could only have a dollar for each time I heard someone saying that Jerusalem is a boring place at night. I’d probably own a night club by now.
But seriously, as someone that has grown up in Jerusalem I can state with confidence that the nightlife, art, music and entertainment in Jerusalem are as interesting and diverse as in any other city in the world.
Here’s a list of  places I recommend to visit.


A typical atypical Jerusalem spot. While it is defined as a bar with a Balkan atmosphere and influence, You will most likely meet Russian speakers there. The bar serves various beers on tap and bottled ones, but I recommend trying traditionally brewed drinks by the owners. Especially Samagon. If you survive Samagon and in order to survive it one can try many Russian specialties from the kitchen.



Mazkeka11846782_887768861260469_7913553057718345272_n (1)
Brewery in English, Mazkeka is the latest addition to the art scene in Jerusalem. Since the summer of 2014 it hosts performance art, new media, sound, video, poetry and live band evenings. It has the best sound system of all places you can visit and listen to live events. During the day it transforms into a recording studio for many bands and a place for learning and various courses. It operates as a not for profit organization. A significant and a very important place in deed.




The smallest mega-club in the world.
Although very small this is one of the most interesting places in Jerusalem.
It is frequented by many local artists, musicians and students. Every month a different local artist gets to do whatever they want with the walls so the place changes all the time. Usually open until early morning hours it is a place for people curious about the Jerusalem underground scene. Cassette has a special brand of humor that regulars and the staff tend to have fun with all night long. Keep an eye open for that.
It hosts top DJ acts, live bands and there is a legend that states that only bands that played their first gig in Cassette actually continue to succeed in Jerusalem.


Mahane Yehuda Market



Jerusalem Nightlife


If you want to experience an authentic Jerusalem atmosphere Mahane Yehuda is the place. Until recently, when the


market closed for the day it would become a silent place for stray cats to roam. In recent years, the market started to “wake up” at night, more and more bars opened and nightlife became a part of the complex too. A wide variety of styles and influences can be found, Greek, Mediterranean, Irish, typically local Middle Eastern and more… Live street performances and block parties are now a common sight.

There aren’t many nightclubs or bars in Jerusalem that can be clssified as an institution. Located in the same location as the legendary Diwan bar, Sira is 10 years old and still counting. What makes this place so special is the amount of interesting and out of the ordinary people hanging there. Moreover, the music and the atmosphere there are always unique and the owners take pride in bringing the best of DJs and bands to perform there. This creates waves of good vibes that we all need so much around here. This isc lassical underground Jerusalem.11951310_916920735048417_9139820864690072694_n