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Remarkably Powerful Spiritual Places In Jerusalem: Mount of Olives

Among the many sites normally visited during a tour of the holy land, Jerusalem naturally stands high up on the priority list. Being a sacred place to the three major religions, you will find many sites that are considered holy, some because of their references in the scriptures and prophecies, and others due to their historical value in the formation of religions. It is not uncommon to find a place that has major significance to all of the 3 major religions present in the city: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam;  In this series of articles, we will be exploring three holy places that all share the strong presence of the spirit of Jerusalem: old, majestic, intense and powerful. […]

Top 7 Jerusalem Restaurants That Locals Absolutely Love

If there’s one thing I love about touring a foreign country, it’s definitely the food. The smells and tastes of  fresh, glorious, appetizing food as it is served from the loving hands of mama… oh wait, we’re in a foreign country, mama’s not here to prepare our old times favourite, and still, when that delicious smell fills your nose, that’s when you know you found a good restaurant to dine your heart at! […]

What Makes the Old City of Jerusalem so Special

Millions of visitors to the Old City of Jerusalem yearly ask themselves: “So, what is it about Jerusalem that makes it so special?”. And indeed, it’s a fair question – everybody has heard about Jerusalem, everybody knows of its historical importance – but, coming to think about it, why is it so? […]