Trying to decide where to travel could be a headache. The world is so big, and so diverse, and holds so many options – how do you decide where to travel first? Well, we’re not trying to say its the best place on earth, but, if you enjoy history, food, art, music, and politics, there are you’d surely enjoy to  visit Jerusalem.

Historians and Archeologists get a kick when they visit Jerusalem

Obviously, if you’re into history, archeology or religion, visiting Jerusalem is already on your list. The holiest place in the world for Judaism and Christianity, and the Third Holiest for Islam, is bound to hold some of the most exciting stories and visiting sites in the world. Being the birthplace of Monotheism and the cradle of Christianity, Some religious and historic events that took place here are fundamental to the understanding of western culture and explain some of the biggest processes and shifts in global history. Here you’ll find ruins from 60 thousand years before our time as well as Mosques and Churches that stand untacked for more than 1300 years. Every archeological layer tells the story of a different people, a different regime or a different religion, and each layer tells the stories of the people who have lived, built, traded and worshipped in this city throughout the centuries.
However, you don’t have to be a huge fan of religion, history or archeology, to find Jerusalem exciting. This city has all sorts of other aspects, which make it a unique, one of a kind, travel destination.

Visit Jerusalem for its GLORIOUS Food

For example, if you’ve never visited the SHOOK in Jerusalem, you’ve never visited a decent SHOOK in your life. The Mahne-Yehuda Shook is an open market place, a middle-eastern bazar, which is unlike any other. All the fruits, veggies, fish, spices, nuts, juices, breads and goods you can think of, and some you’ve never heard of or tasted, are awaiting there. It’s famous with the special way the sellers shout and sing to persuade visitors to buy in their shops. Then, after dark falls, the Shook changes its skin and becomes the most hype place to visit, packed with bars and clubs, local beers and wineries, live music, street parties and street art exhibitions.

Visit Jerusalem for its Museums and Art Galleries

Jerusalem is home to the Israel Museum, one of the 10 largest museums in the world, with works of some of the most famous, world known, artists. Some world known painters and sculptors have placed their art in the streets and parks around the city, and talented architects are responsible to many beautiful buildings in old and modern neighborhoods. Jerusalem hosts some awesome holidays, celebrations and festivals throughout the year, and there’s always an attraction you wouldn’t want to miss.

Jerusalem Walkabout for Hiking Fanatics

Many hiking trails are marked in Nature Resorts and Natural Parks inside Jerusalem and in the wild nature that surrounds it. Some marked trails start at the edge of the city and lead way into the Judean Mountains or the Judean Desert. In some remote neighborhoods and in the city outskirts there are natural springs where you can bath, beautiful scenery to view, hidden caves to explore and wild rocks to climb.

The Whole World in One City

If you want to really understand the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and learn about current politics and modern history; If you want to enjoy a crazy underground night scene or glimpse into a radical but fun queer culture; If you want to try authentic Russian, Ethiopian, Armenian, Iranian, Sudanese or Arab restaurants; If you want to try real Israeli food or eat in a gourmet restaurant with a view to the city walls; If you want to see cultural variety and check out ultra-cosmopolitanism; If you want to keep an open mind, and have a one of a kind traveling experience – – Then Jerusalem should definitely be your next travel destination.